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S On Music.

I have decided to create a page about music. Music that I have newly discovered, enjoy, dislike, what have you.

Perhaps I will also rate this new music, who knows?

Either way, this music page will celebrate the plethora of new music that I am constantly discovering (and sometimes, re-discovering) – be it in the form of .mp3, video (courtesy of YouTube), or what have you.



Amusement Parks On Fire.

Interesting thing about this band is that they are so far from what I normally would listen to (they tread dangerously close to the emo/screamo border), yet they’re so catchy and talented.

Featured here is the promotional video for the very first song I ever heard by them, Venus In Cancer:

For some indiscernible reason, this is labeled as “shoegaze.” While the connection is very thin, I can see the influence. I can also see the definite 90’s grunge/alternative rock (think: Sonic Youth) influence, which is perhaps why I find myself so drawn to them.

I have not yet listened to a full album, but what I have heard, I have enjoy immensely. However, I am sure we are all aware that an album can make or break a band.


This is a band that I discovered a couple years ago. It’s a three piece band from Canada. They’re so simplistic and beautiful with the basic instruments and vocals. The words, however, are so amazingly pure, poetic and haunting.

Imagine the most amazing photograph, painting, or sculpture you have ever seen. Think of how it impacted you upon your first look. Think of how it continues to impact you – all the emotions that arise when you think of it.

That feeling describes the music of Barzin.

Here is a video for their latest single, “Leaving Time”, from their newest release.

Lily Allen.

Lily Allen is quite easily my AoM (Artist of the Month). It took me a while to fully appreciate her sass and dub beats, but now that I have – I can’t get enough of her!

She is a very English young lady – a native Londoner with a very thick London accent, she sings about break ups, life, you name it. Her music is done in a way that very much only works because she’s English. And she’s got more sass than any other pop artist I could possibly think of. Think Lady Sovereign, if she sang.

Lily’s video for “Smile” has been on OnDemand (if you have Comcast as a cable provider) for goodness knows how long. My personal favorite is “LDN” (shout out to Tesco!). “Nan You’re A Window Shopper” is also a goody, with its heavily reggae influenced dub.



The Gossip.

I discovered this lovely band whilst doing “research” for a MegaMix project that I am working on. This mix is going to be an anthology, if you will, of excellent female bands/female-fronted bands across the genres. I was told about The Gossip by word-of-mouth, and heard even more on custom radio.

They are a fantastic “riot grrl” related band. Quite similar to Sleater-Kinney, with more funk. They’re fun, make you want to groove, and are just overall greatness. Enjoy the following video clips of these lovelies, The Gossip”:

Standing in the Way of Control

Listen Up!


I am recently rediscovering how marvelous and amazing this band is. It all started when I randomly heard Making Plans For Nigel this morning during a stint of cleaning.

They’re probably best known for the 1987 hit Dear God, however their lesser known songs are possibly even better.

So, I give you XTC greatness.

Dear God

Making Plans For Nigel

1,000 Umbrellas

audio only

Madonna/S.O.S. Band.

As any normal 80’s child, I freaking LOVE Madonna. Her music since Ray Of Light has left much more to be desired, however – with the exception of a few songs.

I recently listened to her song ‘Get Together’ from her latest album, 2005’s Confessions On A Dance Floor. It is an amazing dance song that is reminiscent of her 90’s music and also Daft Punk.

Get Together

Fantastic video, as well. However, in listening to it/watching the video, there was a line that reminded me of another song that I knew previously, and it bothered me until I could figure it out…

…It happened to be the song ‘Take Your Time’ by S.O.S. Band, an amazing disco band from the mid-70’s/early-80’s. Now, typically, I loathe disco. It was the most horrid period of music, in my opinion, but they’re awesome, and this song is amazing. So, here you have it:

Take Your Time

Naturally, there isn’t a proper video for this song, but who needs one anyway?


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