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Saturday, 5 September 2009

Is this What it means to be ‘Sexually Revolutionized’?

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Imagine, if you will, driving down the road on your way home from the grocery store.  Traffic is vast, but flowing quite nicely.  And then you get to a rather backed up intersection… what’s going on up here? you wonder to yourself.  And then, you see it.

At this particular intersection are two corners filled with scantily clad 14 – 17 year old girls with suckers, raising money for some unknown cause.

Is this what we’ve come to – whoring out our teenagers to raise money for our charities?

Why did feminism even happen if this is allowed to go on?

The girls eagerly ran from car to car with their collection apparatuses  in hand and suckers in mouth.  Miles of legs bared to the world.  It was like watching a nightmare in action.  Part of me wondered if the girls realized just what the situation was that they had gotten into, part of me pitied them, and part of me was enraged.

Then I had to think back to when I first realized my sexuality.  I was at around age 14 and was fond of my short-shorts, much like these girls; however, unlike these girls, I was not quite so fond of the tight shirts.  But, I digress.  There was one particular hot going-into-summer day when I donned my shorts and went to school, only to be cat-called all day by the teenage boys who were also coming into that age.

I was embarrassed!

I thought that I was merely dressing according to the weather, and had no idea that the length of my shorts (which really, were only a few inches above the knee) were articles to be enticed by.

From then on, I wore only long pants, year-round, with capris being the shortest that my pants would ever get.  Until fairly recently, I refused to even wear knee-length skirts or dresses.

I do realize that I am an example of an extreme,  but I think that if these girls were to realize the caliber of what they could be compared to, their reactions wouldn’t be so different.


Monday, 16 October 2006

Zombies (part deux)!

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This was originally brought to my attention in the comment section of a previous post of mine, and now I have actual info to share:

Sunday, October 29, 2006

(Remember to set your clocks back for daylight savings)


10:00 AM – All Zombies report to The Monroeville Mall

First floor entrance behind Macys (bus stop)

Apply make up if you haven’t already. Register and meet the cast of It’s Alive. Practice shuffling and saying “Braaaiiinnnss….need braaaiiinnnnssss”.

The Pittsburgh Community Food Bank will be accepting your donations at this time.

Donations are not mandatory but every one must sign in for the Guinness book.

There is no registration fee – this is a free event.


11:00 AM – Begin Walk.

Zombies will enter the mall and begin their slow shamble to the opposite end for the photo. A group photo will be taken at this time as evidence for the Guinness Book of World Records. Please stay in place and in zombie make up until all documentation is complete. It is extremely important to stay in character while in the mall. If you are being filmed*, please do not smile, wave or even look at the camera because this will render the shot useless. If you want to be seen on TV, in the newspaper, etc.

please stay in zombie mode

(See Rules of Conduct & “What is a Zombie Walk” below)


11:55 PM – Zombies Disperse.

The Zombie Walk is over. Feel free to shop on your way back to the other end. The mall will be opened to the public at this time so please be on your best behavior. Other cities will certainly try to break our record and we would like to use Monroeville Mall for future events.


*Only our crew will be allowed to film or take pictures inside the mall. Please do not attempt to bring cameras into the mall. Stills and video will be posted on this website for downloading.



Wednesday, 20 September 2006


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Halloween, hell October, is my favorite time of year. This is the first time I’ve lived in a city where the fever is permeating in the same respect that it does for me. Anyone in the greater Pittsburgh area should take part in this:

Pittsburgh’s first ever Zombie Walk

All horror enthusiasts are formally invited to participate in Pittsburgh’s first ever Zombie Walk. The event will take place in Pittsburgh’s South Side on September 22, 2006.


7:30 PM – All Zombies report to The Town Tavern
Apply make up if you haven’t already. Spotlight Costume will be there to apply zombie make up for anyone who needs it. Practice saying “Braaaiiinnnss….need braaaiiinnnnssss”.
Early arrivals – The Town Tavern ‘s happy hour is from 6:00 to 8:00 PM

8:00 PM – Begin Walk.
Zombies exit Town Tavern and shamble about for a period of one hour. Eat, drink, explore the shops, but when on the street you must stay in Zombie Mode.
(See Rules of Conduct & “What is a Zombie Walk”)

9:00 PM – Zombies Disperse.
The Zombie Walk is over. But wait! There’s more…The cast from It’s Alive, Pittsburgh’s own Horror Host TV show will be appearing at The Rex Theater (about 3 blocks from The Town Tavern) after the walk.
Showtime will be 9:00 PM

Festivities at The Rex will include:

Filming of the It’s Alive Halloween Show; The Comedy Stylings of Stiffy The Dead Clown; Performances by the bands DEATHMOBILE and The Forbidden 5; and a special screening of Night of the Living Dead,
Uninterrupted and in its entirety, sponsored by George A. Romero’s Fright Nights.

Also: Meet Kyra Schon, the actress who played child zombie Karen Cooper in the movie

Tickets 13.00 at the door – No advance ticket sales so don’t be late!
The Rex Theatre
1602 E. Carson Street, South Side Pittsburgh, PA 15203
Phone: 412-381-6811

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