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Sunday, 9 December 2007

Sometimes I roll with it, but sometimes I just get plain pissed off.

I was on a crafting/dinner/shopping trip with a friend of mine, when we decided to browse the magazine section. One that caught my eye had the “7 Reasons You Need To Lose Weight” gracing the cover next to an athletic woman boxing in a red dress.

Mockingly, I said to my friend, “and two of the seven will be: your man will love you more, you’ll look great in that hot new outfit!” and so on, and so on, and so on. We laughed, as you do when you see ridiculousness like that being spoon-fed to the masses who will, undoubtedly, catch on that all of those articles are the exact same. Though, there will be the minority who, let’s face it, will buy into that crap.

What we didn’t realize is just how damaging this particular article was. To see if I was correct, we popped it open, found the article and started to read it aloud. The more we read, the angrier we became.

It was downright insulting, and written in such a way that blatantly was attempting to give women complexes. Instead of being able to laugh it off and just “roll with it”, we got so angry that we had to put the magazine down.

The reasons were tainted with explanations like, “Actually, we should say you need to lose weight in order to have a sex life!” and “thinner women look better in their clothes!” The “explanations”, of course, were graced with pre-fabbed statistical data and there were probably “professional” commentaries to back up the notion that “fat people just are too damn lazy even for sex!”

And to them I say a big fat fuck you.

How dare they write things like that and attempt to push it to the masses. They may as well have just said, “you may as well go kill yourself, fatty” and saved the cost of wording and editing. Not only is it insulting, but it’s downright lying.

Thinner women don’t automatically look better in their clothing, it’s a matter of knowing how to dress yourself.

Fat people do have sex, and they have fucking fantastic sex.

I am so sick of fat hatred not only being splashed across the covers of countless magazines, billboards, ads, etc., but I’m appalled and disgusted that they would even write something as ugly and distasteful as that.

And you know what else? Women aren’t the only ones who get fat. Men aren’t the disgusting pigs that these magazines make them out to be. Fucking embrace what the hell you look like, and the only reason you should worry about losing weight is to make yourself happy and for your own health.

And if I could remember what the hell that magazine was called, I would tell you.


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  1. Great words.

    Comment by Sarah — Friday, 14 March 2008 @ 4:10 pm | Reply

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