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Saturday, 7 July 2007

First World Problems.

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I was skimming the titles on my dashboard, as I am want to do when I log in or am bored and I happened upon this, “My brother: Cheapskate? Or just Frugal?” Reading it, along with so many of the comments, really just made my stomach turn. I wish I were able to say that I was “shocked” and “appalled” by what I read; but really, I wasn’t surprised, shocked or appalled. In fact, what I read there was about what I expected to come across.

It really is pathetic, to me, that “first world problems” such as this are seen as the utmost of importance. “My brother doesn’t spend as much money as I do!” “Paris Hilton finds god in her one week in jail!” “Which celebrity is spawning now?” “Who is the next big celebrity to become bulimic/anorexic/fat?” “Help! I need to lose those extra pounds so that I can wear a skimpy bikini and attract sleazy men!” It’s simply pathetic. In the days when Bradgelina, Tom Cruise/Katie Holmes, coke addicted Kate Moss, Lindsay Lohan, etc. are constantly in the tabloids and on front pages bombarding the general public everywhere, and shows like Super Sweet 16 are gracing the television left and right, it’s no wonder that people can lose sight of the bigger picture.

Perhaps the most disturbing comment in the “frugal brother” article was the one that said this:
One of the blessings of being part of a large family is that I have learned that one of my siblings is a jerk. I am under no obligation to associate with him. If “Mr. Frugal-Cheapskate” doesn’t behave the way you want him to, simply stop having anything to do with him.

To me, this statement epitomizes the state of the current Capitalist society. Person A is a “jerk” because he will not spend, therefore Person B will end relationship. How has it come to be that a monetary value can be placed on even familial relationships? And how do people not realize how ridiculous they are being?

In a place where people do not have family due to a number of different circumstances, how can a person be so willing to withdraw from a relationship simply because this person won’t behave in a particular fashion? How has money become so powerful that the amount you spend directly correlates to what type of person you are perceived to be?

It’s a shame that so many “first world problems” revolve around greed, selfishness, power and corruption. It’s hard to stomach a culture that is so easily influenced by these factors. Perhaps if more first world inhabitants were forced to face real problems, there’d be less instances of “my brother is cheap, what do I do?


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