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Monday, 5 February 2007

The Rapture (02.03.07)

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I had the pleasure of finally seeing The Rapture this past weekend. What energy! What gusto! What an amazingly fun time!

I will start off with the copying (verbatim) of the set-list, which I so skillfully managed to get a copy of (gaffer tape and all):

  • Out Of The Races
  • Down So Long
  • Get Myself
  • Sister Saviour
  • The Devil
  • People
  • Killing
  • W.A.Y.U.H
  • I Need UR Love
  • House
  • T.C.O.S
  • Echoes
  • The Sound


  • Don Gon Do It
  • First Gear
  • Olio

There were two opening bands, which was marvelous. Normally, I am used to having to sit (or stand) through a filler band and two opening bands. The first band was Locksley, who weren’t bad. But a strange connection I have to them interfered with my ability to appreciate their performance 100%. The next band was Under The Influence Of Giants.

I had no idea who they were until I got a closer look at one of the posters for them. I instantly remembered loathing the one video by them that I saw and just thinking that they were terrible. The music portion wasn’t awful, but it wasn’t great. The lyrics/singing was pretty atrocious, however. The bassist was pretty entertaining. He looked like Grizzly Adams wearing Aviators and had the dance moves of Beavis. Very funny. The vocalist won points with me because he could moonwalk.

I felt bad for them, however, because their stage room was so cramped.

The Rapture came on and the place went nuts. There was much dancing and grooving – by the end of the show, my hair, itself, was sweating. Opening with Out Of The Races And Onto The Tracks was such a smart and unexpected move, much to my delight. Next was Down For So Long which is by far my favorite song from the new album, and one that I have used on many a mix since hearing it.

Other pleasant surprises from the set-list included: Killing, The Coming Of Spring, and the fact that they finished off the show with Olio (during which the crowd went nuts!). I only wish that they’d have played something from Mirrors.

Now, onto the crowd. This was easily the most obnoxious crowd ever. First, I will talk about appearances.

The Rapture is breeding ground for hipsters and scenesters (there’s really very little difference between the two groups). There was a fashion mullet, horrible unkempt bed hair (that likely took hours to “perfect”), sunglasses, bad make up, bad clothes galore, you name it. I was only surprised that I didn’t see a faux hawk.

There was the usual shoving, and attempting to force up to the front. I was “lucky” enough to be literally pressed against the stage. There was also a multitude of drunk people, which sucked. Particularly a group of drunken females that seemed to think that they were in an actual club (complete with grinding). They would have been less obnoxious had they not been attempting to wedge me out of my spot. But, there was dancing on stage, dancing in the crowd, dancing all around.

All in all, however, a very good night.

I would also like to mention that I met some of the most polite concert-goers ever, who are always appreciated. During the wait before the encore, I was actually apologized to for being danced into or whacked (or punched) by a small group of girls that were behind me.

Very cool. Keep that up, guys.


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