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Monday, 11 December 2006

The Lemonheads (12. 09. 06)

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Over the weekend, I had the pleasure of seeing The Lemonheads. I have my very own personal history with The Lemonheads, as far as my fandom goes, having had them be one of the few bands I have loved during my early adolescence years through to my current, young adulthood years. Part of this, I attribute to being partially because of the charisma of Evan Dando.

This past weekend was my first opportunity of ever having seen The Lemonheads live, and it was well worth it. They played a set list of two hours (encore free) that spanned a fantastic amount of their discography. The venue that they played, The Grog Shop, suited them perfectly. For those that have never been there, or, like myself, hadn’t been there since 2001, it is small and cozy, and you can literally sit on the stage.

Their performance, as I mentioned before, lasted two hours. There was no break between songs, and it spanned a great deal of their discography. There was a 20 minute acoustic set of Evan singing a number of old songs (i.e. The Outdoor Type and Into Your Arms). They played literally everything that I wanted to hear, save for Rule Of Three from the new album.

Some guy in the audience kept requesting for them to play Mrs. Robinson, to which Evan replied:

We’ll play it, as long as you come up here and sing it.

Everyone thought he was kidding, until he pulled the guy up on stage and stepped away from the microphone. Hilarity ensued as this guy attempted to sing with a very lost look on his face. We ended up with goodies such as:

…And here’s to you Mrs. Robinson, I know I suck and that I can’t sing! Hey, hey, hey!

He even tried to get some other people from the audience to sing with him, passing the mic along the front row. It felt like being in a crowd of very good friends doing horrible karaoke.

Another funny moment was when The Lemonheads could not agree on how to start one song of theirs, so they started playing Freebird, to which Evan stated:

We figured we may as well be prepared for whenever someone shouts it out. We may as well learn it!

This show was the most fun I’ve had at a show in a while. It was carefree, there was room to dance around although the crowd was pretty packed, and everyone was enjoying it as much as I was. Everyone cheered with screams as older songs were played. Everyone sang along with the songs, and during Bit Part, they spontaneously stopped playing for a split second and listened as everyone shouted the lyrics out. Afterwards, there was some laughter in the crowd – mostly because I think that everyone wasn’t aware that everyone else was singing along, as well.

In short, this show was 2 hours and eighteen dollars well spent. Definitely try to see them should they come to your area.

Also, in case you were wondering – Evan Dando is just as hot, if not more, as he was ten+ years ago.


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