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Friday, 14 April 2006

Yeah Yeah Yeahs (04. 12 . 2006)

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I had the pleasure of seeing the Yeah Yeah Yeahs live, for the first time on Wednesday.

I missed them the last time I would have had an opportunity, due to some sort of previous obligation. However, it was well worth the wait. They were absolutely amazing – though, their opening bands left a little to be desired.

The first opening band, I have no idea what they were called, but we arrived in the middle of their set. They relied very much on the noise aspect, and very little on the actual music. Now, I don't mind "noise rock," when there's actually something to it. That and the singer just blabbed way too much for my liking.

The second opening band, Blood On the Wall, were okay. They reminded me of the Pixies. However, the female in BOTW had nothing on Kim Deal. Her singing also lacked a lot. It wasn't so bad when she did the talk-singing, but whenever she actually attempted to fully belt out the notes, her voice fell flat and was a bit hard on the ears.

YYYs were the main attraction and it is not hard to see why. The stage presence of all three together just keeps you wanting more and more. Nick Zinner's shy moodiness coupled with Brian Chase being hidden behind the drum kit, yet so very much there, and Karen O.'s off the wall mannerisms and outfits mesh so well together. They seemingly ignore that the audience is there for the first part of the show, until Karen decides that it is time to address them. During the encore, Nick comes out, silently, with a camera and snaps pictures of the entire audience. Brian comes out and together he and Nick start to delve into a song which sends Karen running out.

The audience at this particular show had its ups and downs. One thing that made it exciting was to be in the center of a tightly packed crowd. I can't recall a time when I have ever been in a crowd that tight before, it was amazing. It was fun to be in an audience of people that weren't too pretentious or afraid to actually enjoy the show – in fact, it made me enjoy it even the slightest bit more to know that these people were as excited about seeing a band as I was.

What I didn't enjoy about the audience (which is making me realize my age, perhaps) was the shoving. I can handle being whacked in the head (which happened more often than not), I can handle having some big oafish guy jumping on my ankle repeatedly (sounds more painful than it is, really), and I can even handle the wholly unnecessary remarks (that, really, go beyond sexual harassment). Those are more than welcome when considering the other factors that emerge in the territory that is the concert venue. The shoving.

Shoving is quite possibly the single most irritating thing about shows (next to moshing, but really, they are related). You see, shoving is bad enough when you have plenty of room, but it's ten times worse when you're in a jam packed venue.  Shoving is not only irritating and rude, but it is insanely dangerous – it leads to my worrying about toppling over and being fallen on by who even knows how many people, or even worse – being trampled.

Having never been to a 21+ show, I am unaware as to whether shoving is a byproduct of attending shows with high schoolers (and younger) or if it is all a part of attending shows, period.  That said, I would still rather have it than a show with a ton of pretentious people that are "too cool" to actually enjoy a show. 

Other highlights of the show: as mentioned before, Karen O.'s atrocious outfits – particularly the gore suit in the encore; getting a setlist at the end of the show.

Downside of the show: forgetting my camera. 



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