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Monday, 3 April 2006

V for Vendetta

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I had the opportunity to see this wonderful piece of art, after much self-debating. Not in a very long time has a movie been this poignant and important. Under the guise of an action/superhero film, you have one of the most spot on and important pieces of commentary about the government. I can’t ever recall a film having the balls to go straight for the source in this manner. It was absolutely beautiful.

Guy Fox
The film starts off with, “Remember, remember the fifth of November,” so simple and basic, yet holds so much meaning. It also gives you a lot of information straight away about what story you are about to see – assuming you know the importance of the fifth of November. And if you don’t, you will soon find out.

In futuristic London, the government is out of control and has managed to strike fear into its citizens (Big Brother style), as well as its own law enforcement. What the government says goes, and the citizens have few, if any, real rights. In this horrendously oppressive society, one man has decided “enough is enough.”


Dressed in a Guy Fawkes mask and armed with knives and explosives, he decides that there needs to be a revolution – partially his own revolution. His aim is to set the citizens of London free, to give them their lives and identities back. His aim is to restore hope in the citizens of London, while also unveiling the actions of the government to the right people.

While the film initially looks as if it’s commentary on Nazis Germany, you suddenly realize that it very much is not. You realize that this film is portraying daily life as it is right now. Life where the government gains its power and thrives by taking measures to strike fear into its own people, all the while giving the illusion that it is responsible for saving them from themselves. Without the government, the citizens would be helpless and lost, vulnerable to the so-called terrorists.

It suddenly dawned on me, halfway into the film, that not only is this commentary about Hitler and Nazis Germany, but it is also commentary about the American government, and the government of any other society that has been able to get completely out of control. A society where no one citizen is safe from losing freedoms, losing their voice, losing their identities.

This film, then, was meant as an eye opener. As a way to say, “Hey, it is time to re-gain your freedom!” A film to restore hope into citizens of societies whose governments are out of control.

V for Vendetta

Perhaps it wasn’t so futuristic after all.



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