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Wednesday, 22 March 2006

The Human Condition

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I’ve had several discussions today about humanity, in general.

One was in terms of technological and evolutionary advancement. It is absolutely amazing to know, or rather to be aware of and to recognize, that humans were able to create so much from absolutely nothing. To know that billions of years ago, there was no such thing as language, and then a group of humans came up with this intricate way to communicate that began to evolve and to manifest into different forms, and into the hundreds of different languages we have today.

It is also amazing to see what Early Man was able to accomplish within the realm of technology. The idea that agriculture, hunting tools, building shelter, making clothing, coming up with a currency system all stemmed from curiosity, survival, and general intelligence. It’s amazing and admirable at the same time.

However, to now be at the point where Evolved Man is gradually destroying and undoing billions of years of work and curiosity, and evolution is incredibly depressing. And that’s what I mean when I say “The Human Condition”. Humanity has reached a point where there is the feeling of entitlement and superiority. Where we can bastardize hard work and take everything for granted. Where nothing has any sort of sacred meaning anymore.

Humanity, as a whole, does not appreciate the technology that has been accomplished. A prime example of this is the notion that in not too long from now, humans will be able to colonize Mars. Thoughts like this upset me the most because I look at how Man treats Earth and each other. How we feel entitled to infiltrate other ways of life and completely destroy it for the sole purpose of cloning our own cultures. We destroy Earth, our own planet, and decide that we’re too great to stay here and that we must expand onto other planets within the galaxy.

This leads me to believe that the Human Condition is to destroy everything around us.

Think of one of the most basic entities to come from Early Man’s beginnings of civilization – mythology. Creation stories to explain how life works. Different theories to explain natural rhythms. Yet, the Human Condition has lead us to become so egotistical and superior that we’re able to have Holy Wars to try and prove that one mythology is better than the other. And unless it comes from Ancient Greece, Rome, Egypt – don’t you dare refer to it as mythology. When referred to as a mythology it then becomes trivialized, and can no longer be treated as Dogma, Religion, Doctrine, what ever it is you choose to refer to it as.

Another symptom of the Human Condition is the manner in which we treat each other. When “feeling” becomes a mere thing that can be objectified. When “future” doesn’t matter – only the here and now. How I treat you today matters only today, and only to me – there are no future repercussions, and you are merely an object to me. You are something with which I can play, brag about, and use to boost myself. “I” am the only one that matters.

We live in a time where everything exists only in terms of the Human. When if some organism exists in opposition to the Human, the Human’s duty is to destroy it. When Human becomes the “be all” and “say all” in terms of culture. When everything must look alike, act alike, think alike and exist alike (Big Brother syndrome). If it is different, then the Human must destroy it.

Thus, the purpose of the Human is to live in terms of the Human Condition – no more curiosity, discovery, trial and error – unless it is to service the ego of the Human.


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